Capoeira workshop

Capoeira workshop

Capoeira with children is a fun and healthy way to encourage the child to maintain, improve and even recover movements of the human body. Another benefit that Capoeira promotes is to stimulate imagination, since its movements are similar to the animal world and enchant the children.

Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2014, Capoeira is a potentially transformative popular knowledge in children’s education, focusing both on the child’s discovery process and on the need to practice movements.

Besides the stimulation of the imagination, unlike the other martial arts that generally promote competition, Capoeira is an essentially cooperative and harmonious game.

The music in Capoeira also has its function. By disseminating values, myths and knowledge, it figures as a kind of oral library, sharpening critical and reflective thinking. In the end, Capoeira brings benefits both for the body and the stimulation of creativity, constituting itself as a complete exercise.

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