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PlayArte seeks to make sense of the processes of creation and investigation of children in this early stage of their childhood. It is about offering time, space and opportunities to promote learning, pertinent to the construction of their identity and autonomy.

Besides the knowledge of the world around them, through the incorporation of the expressive languages ​​of the Arts, both corporal and symbolic, with oral languages.

Tendo o brincar, a Arte e o corpo como fio condutor de nossa proposta pedagógica, fazemos um convite à criação, à imaginação e ao inusitado. Através de experiências que ampliem os repertórios culturais e sociais e que promovam a aprendizagem das crianças através dos sentidos!

Having ‘play’, ‘Art’ and ‘the body’ as the guiding thread of our pedagogical proposal, we make an invitation to creation, imagination and the unusual. Through experiences that expand cultural and social repertoires and promote children’s learning through the senses!


Daniela has a degree in Pedagogy and specializes in Childhood Education. She has worked at ‘Mobile’ school for 10 years and since February of 2016 she is in the program Playarte of Quintal 7 Cores.

Isabela holds a degree in Pedagogy from the University of São Paulo with an emphasis on Childhood Education. She has studied Art-education and the approach of ‘Reggio Emilia’ in Italy.


01/08 to 15/12
4 or 5 times a week
Morning: 9:00 to 12:00
Afternoon: 13:30 to 17:30 or 14:00 to 18:00

Group of up to 12 children, from 1 year and a half to 4 years old

For more information:

(11) 2628-1730 | (11) 99425-6262